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Iclif office

The Iclif Leadership and Governance Centre is an international, Asia-focused centre of excellence committed to delivering practical and relevant solutions-based leadership and corporate governance programmes.

Established as a non-profit organisation, under the auspices of Bank Negara Malaysia (Central Bank of Malaysia), Iclif continues to provide leadership development and corporate governance programs for the financial industry and corporations in the region and beyond. Iclif’s mission is to develop a new generation of world-class leaders who are able to effectively manage their organisations in a more challenging and rapidly changing environment.

Rather than ‘teaching’ leadership, the curriculum is designed to accelerate the self-discovery process and to provide tangible and usable ideas on how to create the required frameworks and conditions. The success of these programmes is based on the application of locally relevant research undertaken by our world class faculty members.

Our faculty brings together extensive experience and knowledge of leadership and corporate governance from the best global academic and commercial institutions to Asia. Our products and services inspire leaders and equip boards to immediately and visibly improve their organisation’s performance.

Our Mission is three-fold:

  • We help individuals in their efforts to become more effective and authentic leaders
  • We help leaders in designing their organisations and talent strategies to optimise efficiency and growth
  • We help boards strengthen governance effectiveness to drive long term sustainability of their organisations

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