Professor Nabil N El-HageProfessor Nabil N El-Hage is a globally sought-after speaker on issues of governance and finance, and an anchor member of Iclif’s FIDE faculty team. An experienced executive, entrepreneur, board member and academician who has worked extensively in Malaysia since 2005, Nabil backs his teaching experience at Harvard Business School (faculty member for 6 years) with deep and rich experience in both governance and operations. Currently the independent Chairman of the MassMutual Premier Funds, a $10 billion mutual fund complex, Nabil has served on a dozen private and public boards. He was Chairman and CEO of Jeepers! Inc., a private equity-financed national chain of indoor theme parks in the US for almost a decade. Nabil received his BSc from Yale University, and his MBA with the Highest Honors from Harvard Business School as a Baker Scholar.



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