Human Capital Consulting

According to our research, whether an organisation is able to achieve its full collective potential boils down to the interplay and effectiveness of three key pillars of growth: Strategy, Organisational Architecture, and Culture.

We call these three pillars the Brains-Bones-Nerves (BBN) of an organisation. Just like the human body needs all three systems working together in harmony to ensure longevity, a business needs strong alignment between the three to maximise commercial success. At Iclif, we use our proprietary diagnostic tools to first measure current effectiveness against the three pillars, then facilitate interventions to help organisations maximise their performance. We provide actionable solutions, change/fine tune strategic direction, reduce barriers, and build capability and effectiveness.

We help leadership teams address tough challenges, such as:

  • How do we get our executive team to perform at its peak capability?
  • What is the right talent strategy for our business?
  • How do we lead change successfully?
  • How should we plan for leadership succession?
  • How do we motivate our staff to perform at the level we need to be successful?
  • How should we measure and reward performance?
  • What is the right culture for us?
  • How do we achieve HR excellence?
  • How do we as a Board best support the business?

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