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True leaders are distinguished by their burning desire to create a better future. They possess an inner strength fuelled by their deeply-held values and clarity of purpose. We call it, ‘leadership energy’.

The Iclif Leadership Energy Awards or ILEA, celebrate the business leaders across our region who have used their unique leadership energy to create transformative change in their team, business or country. Unlike other awards, ILEA considers a broad range of criteria when selecting winners, including personal courage and conviction, organisational/financial results and long-term sustainability.

These are the winners of the Iclif Leadership Energy Awards 2016

Award Criteria

ILEA recognise individuals who have demonstrated authentic leadership energy in the quest to create a better future, characterised by the following criteria:


The leader has advanced an innovative practice or strategy which has impacted people’s lives to create a better future. This innovation represents a departure or disruption of normal practice.

Measurable Impact

The leader has driven transformative change within his or her organisation, whether it be public, private, a start-up or a social enterprise. This accomplished change can be clearly measured through financial or organisational results.


The individual’s leadership strategy is driven by the right set of deeply held values, which they have demonstrated and articulated to their team, organisation, or community.


The leader has overcome significant professional or personal obstacles in the pursuit of his or her goals. When others might have given up, the leader has continued to strive to reach and exceed his or her goals.


The leader has a true and courageous sense of self, which is demonstrated in his or her daily interactions with other people, be it colleagues, clients or partners.


The leader is focussed on responsible growth with positive economic, social or environmental outcomes. This focus is clearly demonstrated through his or her innovations.


The leader has successfully worked with colleagues or partners to create a better future.

Regional Impact

The leader resides in Asia. The impact of his or her work is felt in Asia.

Meet the judges

Theresa Goh
Theresa Goh’s distinguished career incorporates technology sales, executive search and leadership development, culminating in her being named as one of Business Week’s ‘100 Most Influential Headhunters’ in 2008. Ms Goh began her career…
Lalit Gupta
Lalit has over 25 years of extensive business leadership experience and has led Strategy formulation, execution and change initiatives across countries in Asia Pacific and Japan. Lalit brings real world experience to Leadership Development and…
Callister Koh
Callister Koh is the Head of Human Resources (HR) of HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad. As the HR Head of one of the largest financial institutions in the world, Callister plays an important role in accelerating the organisation’s people agenda through…
Nora Abd Manaf
Nora Abd Manaf, is Group Chief Human Capital Officer, Maybank and a member of Maybank’s Group EXCO. Her Industry, national and global involvements are via a variety of roles and appointments including Chairman of the MCBA (Malayan Commercial…

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  • The 2016 Iclif Leadership Energy Awards and LESA – what’s the connection?

    The pan-regional Iclif Leadership Energy Awards celebrate an unconventional new way of thinking about leadership. The awards draw together thought-leaders in the dynamic field of leadership energy, to celebrate leaders who live the principles of conviction, courage, and momentum.

    The Leadership Energy Summit Asia is Asia’s premier conference on leadership energy. Now in its fourth year, the Summit deals exclusively with the art and science behind leadership energy, using neuroscience, spiritual philosophy, psychology and management theory. An inspiring panel of speakers from business, media, philanthropy and science share their stories of triumph over adversity, and discuss what fuels their passion for positive change.

  • Who is eligible for these awards?

    We seek nominations for leaders working in one of the following categories:

    – Corporate Employee (Public Sector)
    – Corporate Employee (Private Sector)
    – Business Owner / Founder (Start-up / Entrepreneur)
    – Social Enterprise Owner / Founder

    Individuals whose leadership has had a positive and transformative impact on their organisation, demonstrated through business or financial results. Leaders must be able to demonstrate their commitment to creating a better future through sustainable, values-driven ‘leadership energy’, as outlined in the award criteria.

  • Who can nominate?

    Nominations from colleagues, managers, human resource directors/personnel, friends or other individuals well acquainted with the nominated party, and who can attest to their qualifications. Consent must have been obtained from the nominee.

  • How are nominations submitted?

    Nominations must be submitted electronically at Nominations must be received by 11.59pm Malaysian time, on 19 September 2016.

  • Can a nominator submit more than one nominee?

    Yes. Each nominee is evaluated and selected separately.

  • Can a nominee have more than one nominator?

    Yes. Iclif accepts multiple nominations for the same nominee. However, it does not impact the judging process.

  • Do nominators need to submit references for the nominee?

    Yes, nominators must provide at least two written references for the nominee. The ILEA committee has the discretion to contact the nominee and/or the organisation during the validation process to obtain additional information.

  • How are the award winners selected?

    The award winners are selected by an independent panel of judges.

  • Will the nominee be updated on the status of the nomination?

    Only shortlisted nominees and finalists will be notified.

  • When will the announcement of award recipients take place?

    Announcement of the winners will be made during the LESA 2016 event on 9 November 2016.