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Our programmes are current, relevant, practical and are infused with proprietary research focused on leadership and corporate governance issues of interest to organisations in Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

Leadership Development Programmes

iclif leadership development programmes

Our leadership programmes strengthen leadership skills at key career transition points. The programmes are designed to accelerate the leadership self-discovery process and provide practical, tangible and usable knowledge on creating the required governance, frameworks and conditions for a better future.


Corporate Governance Programmes

Iclif Corporate Governance Programmes

Our corporate governance programmes focuses on roles, responsibilities and key issues faced by the board in the areas of corporate governance, risk management, strategy, financial reporting and stakeholder management.

The Financial Institutions Directors’ Education (FIDE) Programme

Directors of financial institutions today are confronted with an array of issues that are becoming more complex. The recent rise of bank and corporate failures globally further affirms the critical role that directors of financial institutions have to play in ensuring effective control mechanisms, clear accountability and a good risk management culture are in place within the organisation.

Iclif, in collaboration with Bank Negara Malaysia and Perbadanan Insurans Deposit Malaysia developed FIDE to develop high impact boards in financial institutions.


Custom-Built Programmes

Iclif works with individual client organisations and design appropriate in-house programs to build widespread organisational capability and help build strong leadership skills for the organisation.
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Leadership Advisory Services

Our advisory coaches use a mix of assessment tools and in-room facilitation to help client teams arrive at a clearer articulation of vision, mission and strategy; organisational architecture and culture.
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Executive Coaching

Using Iclif’s proprietary approach, highly experienced coaches work individually with senior executives to help maximise their leadership impact.

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