whoweareIclif was created and funded by Bank Negara Malaysia (The Central Bank of Malaysia) in 2003 as an independent non-profit organisation with the aim of providing highly practical, relevant executive development and advisory services in Malaysia and globally across all industry and government sectors.As the only organisation in the region that focuses on both leadership and corporate governance, we deliver holistic and sustainable solutions to our clients.Our international faculty members bring a wealth of knowledge and experience from elite academic institutions and Fortune 500 companies.  They are passionate about Asia, based in Asia, and conduct applied research in the Asian context.

The Iclif Difference

Challenging conventional wisdom and rejecting outdated text-bookish models, Iclif leverages proprietary research to take clients on a unique, practical and deeply impactful journey of maximising personal and organisational potential.

We begin by redefining what great leadership really is –


  1. Leadership is not a title or position to command or direct a group
  2. Leadership is about creating change for a better future
  3. Creating change encounters huge resistance at every step
  4. Not giving up on the envisioned better future is at the heart of powerful leadership
  5. There are no competencies, best practice models, or personality assessments for not giving up. Staying the course despite resistance requires deep intrinsic leadership energy
  6. Such energy can neither be learned in classrooms nor automatically acquired upon promotion or appointment. It must be self-discovered
  7. High Emotional Integrity (EI) is a pre-requisite to maximising one’s leadership energy. EI is having the courage to acknowledge and accept one’s deepest desires without judgment or guilt
  8. After uncovering sources of their own long-lasting energy, real leaders align and maximise the energy of their people and organisations
  9. Through effective corporate governance, the best organisations ensure that their leadership energy remains focused on ethical, sustainable and responsible pursuits


What makes a great leader?

Ask a group of executives anywhere in the world to describe a great leader, and you will get almost the exact same answers. However, despite billions spent globally on building such skills each year, the business world is not creating enough leaders. We believe this is because of fundamental flaws in understanding what real leadership entails. Yes, leadership is about having a vision, and the ability to get a lot of people behind that vision. But what is often overlooked is the fact that in order to convert the vision into reality, one faces incredible amounts of resistance. Most people give up in the face of such resistance. Only a few are able to find the strength to keep going. It is this strength of not giving up – we call it leadership energy – that makes one a leader, not the skills of setting strategy or overseeing execution.

Unfortunately, energy cannot be learned in a classroom or acquired automatically upon promotion. It must be self-discovered.

At the end of the day, leadership is about having and sustaining a burning desire to create positive change. So we guide our clients through the journey of finding their own personal leadership energy, and harnessing that of others in order to co-create a better future.

    • Rather than using look-back competency models, copy-cat role plays, best-practice case studies, personality assessments and other generic skill-building training modules to understand the “how to” steps of leadership, we help our clients in answering the more important “why” question. So instead of focusing on emotional intelligence, we challenge our clients to first develop Emotional Integrity, which is having the courage to honestly acknowledge and accept one’s deep desires without judgment or guilt. Emotional intelligence is made up of outward behaviour, whereas emotional integrity is deeply intrinsic, and informs one’s core values and purpose. Deep clarity of values and purpose, in turn, becomes the bedrock of long-lasting leadership energy.
    • Once leaders have uncovered their own unique sources of leadership energy, they must make another transition – from ‘I’ to ‘We’. Here, we impress the need to enlist a small group of co-leaders, and harnessing their energy by willingly sharing authority and responsibility without feeling insecure.
    • Next, together with co-leaders, the leader must maximise and maintain the energy of the rest of the organisation. Here, we equip our clients with highly practical and usable tools to measure and maintain organisational energy and focus.
    • Finally, in order to make sure that leadership energy and success does not turn into unrestricted power over time, organisations must establish adequate governance practices and protocols. Here, we equip boards of directors and c-suites with practical tools and knowledge to both preserve and enhance organisational value. Our Corporate Governance curriculum emphasises the need for responsible and ethical growth without sacrificing speed and agility.

Leadership is the art of harnessing human energy towards the creation of a better future


Why Iclif


In this short video clip, Rajeev Peshawaria shares 5 unique reasons why clients choose Iclif to help them improve the quality of leadership and corporate governance in their organisations.