Our faculty brings together extensive experience and knowledge of leadership and corporate governance from the best global academic and commercial institutions. With their proprietary, leading-edge and locally relevant research and publications, Iclif challenges conventional wisdom and applies the best thoughts and practices to the Asian context.

Rajeev Peshawaria Muhammad Sabri Rawi Karen Ruth Shepherdson Michael Kossler
Rajeev Peshawaria Muhammad Sabri Karen Shepherdson Michael Kossler
Lily Wong Michele Adelene Sagan
Lily Wong Iclif Faculty - Michele Adelene  
Dr. Kiran Bedi Professor Nabil N. El-Hage Youssef A Nasr Robert Bood
Dr. Kiran Bedi Professor Nabil faculty_09_c
Ronald Bradfield Johan Raslan Luciano Pezzotta Mirimba Giam
faculty_10_c Johan-Raslan Luciano-Pezzotta Mirimba-giam